Need A Compelling, Convincing, and Energetic Speaker? 
That's me to make a long story short. I'd be honored to be your guy. 
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Let's cut through the fluff and face it... 

Most speakers will talk about butterflies and rainbows which will help your audience feel good at the time, but stay in the exact same place as they came when they leave. 

I speak on what's working now and coach the audience on the spot to take specific action that they can do right in their seats to get them immediate results.

What is your audience worth to you?
Get Your Audience To Take Action - The Easy Way
The best way to get your audience to achieve the results they want, is to give them small wins DURING the event to make it the most impactful to then drive more sales. I've got it covered in three simple ways. 
Learn why things happen the way they happen with case studies and examples.  
Apply correct principles that will get them quick results so that they go home ready to apply what's next. 
Teach correct principles to others to instill correct principles of digital marketing that will give actionable results that then will lead to sales. 
In October of 2016 my wife and I hosted a marketing mastermind event with 20+ international and national business owners and entrepreneurs. It was a 4 day retreat where we taught personal branding and public speaking. 

I was also invited to speak at another mastermind at the time on Youtube marketing. You can view part II of the video here.
Most Requested Topics...
The Method to Making Millions: How to Do Customer Research The Right Way
This is one of my favorite topics. You can't sell anything to someone until you know what you want. Learn the methods I use with every industry I enter and come out profitable. 
Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, PR, Sales Reps, Customer Service Managers
How To Sell Something Before You Create It
Learn the exact methods I use to save and make 1000's of dollars of production costs by selling something before you create it. 
Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, PR, Sales Reps, VP's of Product Launches
The 7 Things You Need To Focus On Right Now To Grow Your Business
Find out the 7 things you need to be focusing on right now to grow your business in the digital space
Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, PR, Sales Reps, Customer Service Managers
Funnels: The New Website
Learn why you must have a website and sales funnels running and growing your business online. 
Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, PR, Sales Reps, Customer Service Managers
The Follow Up: Why Email Marketing and Chat bots must be working side-by-side
Find out the new ways to get your customers coming to you to buy your products and services
Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, PR, Sales Reps, Customer Service Managers
What Others Have To Say...
"I'm WAY stoked out of my mind, Tucker helped me a ton.. I wouldn't have gotten this result as soon as I did without his help..."
"By creating ads we've had over 20 people coming to our site and making reservations more coming for meals. I can't say enough about Tucker."
"Tucker put together an amazing program because as a family owned and operated business you know we do things differently with the kids with our staff and we want to attract those parents that appreciate the things that we do here because we're we're hands on. And Tucker listened..."

Merrie - ClickSuccesses

Tucker Ferdwerda is a dedicated and professional whiz kid! He knows how to create meaningful and interesting content that allows others to really get moving in new and powerful ways. As my coach he was patient and supportive. Tucker knows where he's going and isn't afraid to do the work it takes to get to the top.

Joseph Veit

Tucker's insights and intuition are that of a man twice his age. Through his 1-1 coaching services he's played an instrumental role in assisting me to see a much larger vision for myself, and my company.

Juan Carlos 

I am so grateful and bless to be able to work with Tucker, I met Tucker June 2016 on Facebook, and all o can say is WOW, the amount of value he drop was MASSIVE. Tucker open my mind to another level, he show me multiple ways and things I was struggling, and he work with me until everything was running smooth. After I had this experience with Tucker few months went by and I stated working with him on a side project that was MASSIVE success he put me on the water and guided until everything was running. If i keep talking about Tucker I will never finished.. few weeks ago I was struggling mindset wise and Tucker again help me get out of that analysis paralysis, he show me the path to clarity again! I would highly highly recommend Tucker to any simple entrepreneur who is struggling in business, mindset or anything related. All I can really said is I am bless and grateful for Tucker, part of my life change after I met him 2016. Thank you brother for helping me! I really appreciate you. Juancarlos Aronez

Michael Turpen - RyMikeGo Marketing

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Tucker at Private MasterMind meeting last year. Even then I could see the Spark in him. It is so wonderful to see someone like Tucker knew exactly what he wanted to become and stuck with his goals to obtain a different lifestyle. I have paid close attention to his phenomenal progress in such a short time.
Now he is my mentor, and I plan to learn so much more from Tucker….

Tucker has taught myself and many other person exactly everything that we need to grow my own business. Many of us has already fired our boss living our lives the way we to when we want to. All of this came from Tucker’s expertise in SEO, PPC, building click funnel campaigns & email marketing strategies.

Actual closing sales was always my nemesis. Now I am closing top tier sales with ease.
The best for me is to have someone actually truly cars about my success.  
Thanks Tucker!….”
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Who is Tucker Ferwerda? 
Tucker Ferwerda is a Facebook Ads Expert, Digital Marketer, and Business Consultant for Millionaires and Multi-million dollar companies. He's interviewed influencers like Neil Patel, is a writer for large publications, has been interviewed during online summits with 22 Facebook ads experts, has been asked to speak at a mastermind with over 20 national and international business owners, has hosted his own paid marketing mastermind in Las Vegas, and has a student base of over 3100.
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